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Shop popular Product Good Girl Perfume Review

The Good Girl Perfume is the best-selling female fragrance in many countries. According to the Puig CEO, Jose Manuel Albas, Good Girl doubled the company’s sell-in targets in every country it has launched in. In some of those markets, Good Girl Perfume has been the best-selling fragrance for three months running.

Fruity Almond

A Good Girl Perfume is a sweet and fruity fragrance that evokes warm memories of summer and spring. The scent combines almonds, peaches, orange blossoms, and tuberose to create an alluring fragrance. Its light, airy scent is suitable for both men and women. The scent lingers for four to five hours before you need to reapply.

The fragrance features peach and almond in a blend with orange blossom, tuberose, and Tonka bean. The floral scents are light and fresh but are not overpowering. Whether you choose to wear this fragrance for daytime or nighttime, this fragrance will help you feel like an alluring lady. Moreover, its small, handy bottle is adorned with a white label and a silver cap. This fragrance can be worn on the neck or wrists.

The scent of Good Girl Perfume is fruity and refined and is perfect for parties and long nights out. It begins with a sweet, almond aroma, which is followed by lemon and bergamot. Other notes in this fragrance are white flower, Bulgarian rose, and tuberose. Combined with the woody notes, this perfume is a long-lasting favorite. Whether you’re at work or a party, the scent of Good Girl is sure to make you stand out.

Unlike the original, Good Girl Perfume is not a carbon copy of the original, but it smells similar and is very feminine. Its fruity notes combine with floral notes of tuberose, orange blossom, and tuberose. Moreover, the bottle design has an elegant stiletto, and it comes in 50 and 80 ml Esau de Perfume. The bottle is also available on Fragrantica, a community of perfume enthusiasts.


Good Girl Perfume is a contemporary floral fragrance for women, combining the sweet florals of tuberose with the sensuous notes of Tonka bean and cocoa. This olfactory blend is all about the female spirit, and the scent is reminiscent of a good-girl smile and red lips. YB Good Girl Perfume is inspired by the fragrance of Carolina Herrera.

Initially, this fragrance is mostly fruity florals, but after a few minutes, its tuberose notes come through. The white floral notes and citrus fade, and then coffee, cocoa, and Tonka bean are incorporated. There are also hints of vanilla, marzipan, and woodiness, which take the scent a little more masculine.

Good Girl Perfume is a fun and frivolous fragrance that explores the idea of contrast. Tuberose is rich and complex, and the bitterness of cocoa and coffee contrasts with its lightness. It’s the perfect party scent for a woman who loves to go out and have a good time. But if you’re not into loud, opulent fragrances, then Good Girl may not be for you.

This perfume was launched in 2016 by American designer Carolina Herrera. It has won multiple design awards since its release. The fragrance is still a best seller to this day and is a popular evening scent. It blends sexy, sensual Tuberose and chocolate with notes of espresso and coffee. The scent lingers on the skin for a long time.


A good girl perfume supreme is a sensual perfume by Carolina Herrera, which is inspired by her vision of the modern woman. This perfume is infused with jasmine samba, tuberose, lily root, Bulgarian rose, and orange blossom. Its packaging features a bold, feminine scent reminiscent of the latest fashion trends.

Jasmine is a sensual floral accord that is both seductive and fruity. Its samba jasmine is sweet, and its combination with cocoa and Tonka creates a sensual whirlwind of sensuality. Other notes of the perfume include almonds, coffee, and tuberose. This perfume is a true embodiment of effortless elegance.

Good Girl Perfume Supreme is a redefining fragrance of the brand, bringing together the softest floral accords with a rich, creamy base. This fragrance is perfect for day or night wear. It combines youthful energy with effortless sophistication, reminding you of the fragrance of your favorite celebrity. It comes in a sleek, stiletto-shaped bottle and is available in 50 and 80 ml Esau de Perfume.

Good Girl Perfume Esau de Perfume by Carolina Herrera was released in 2016. The bottle is unique and has won multiple design awards. Since its release, this fragrance has become a top seller. It combines sweet Almond, cacao, and strong Tuberose, resulting in an intense, yet sophisticated perfume that is perfect for the evening.

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