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Get The Essential Smoothly Aveda Hand Relief

Intense moisture therapy soothes seriously dry hands, leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. Infused with Andiroba oil and other plant hydration, aveda hand relief protects the skin’s moisture barrier and seals in softness through three hand washes.

A 95% naturally derived formula from plants, non-petroleum minerals, or water, it contains no harsh chemicals and preservatives like parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde. It also has an Aveda Hand Relief pure-fumeTM aroma with certified organic orange, lavender, er, and eucalyptus.

Intense Moisture Therapy

Intense Moisture Therapy is one of our top picks for hands, feet, and elbows. This rich elixir is packed with vitamins A and E, exfoliating fruit acids, hydrating plant emollients, humectants, antioxidants that help diminish signs of aging, and more. The formula is designed to make the driest of skins squeaky smooth. A squeezy bottle will last you for months!

The best part is that you can reapply it as needed. Aveda Hand Relief has a wide selection of hand and body moisturizers, so you’ll never run out! The brand was founded by the late Austrian-American Horst Rechelbacher, who learned to take pride in his accomplishments by incorporating herbal remedies into his personal regimen.

A trip to India in the mid-60s inspired Rechelbacher to embark on a new career path, and the company he founded carries on his legacy. Among the many innovations he developed, the one that most exemplify his philosophy is Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner. The name is a mouthful, but it really is the best way to achieve beautiful, supple, and radiant skin.

Hydrating Plant Emollients

Intense moisture helps soothe seriously dry hands–leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. Formulated with Andiroba oil and other plant hydration, Hand Relief deeply moisturizes without leaving behind a greasy film.

To use the product, massage into hands and reapply as needed. For best results, apply in the morning and evening after washing your hands.

Keeping hands hydrated with emollients is important for the skin’s natural barrier function. This layer, known as the stratum corneum, looks like loosely arranged flattened bricks with cracks between them.

When this layer is dry, it looks chalky, flakes easily, and feels rough. The purpose of emollients is to fill in the gaps between the bricks to restore the natural barrier and help your skin look healthy, soft, and smooth.

There are several different types of emollients, including creams, ointments, and lotions. These products vary in their concentration and consistency, with ointments being the thickest and most intense.

Emollients are lipids

Emollients are lipids that soften and moisturize your skin. They can be made from a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients, and are often used in cosmetics to enhance the texture of your skin and to provide protection against the elements.

Synthetic emollients are derived from petroleum or wax, while natural emollients are either vegetable or animal based. They include oils and butter that contain triglycerides or essential fatty acids that your skin needs to function properly.

Other natural emollients include hyaluronic acid, which helps to replenish lost moisture and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. It also has a unique ability to attract water molecules, which makes it easy for the skin to absorb.

The hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid can last up to 24 hours, ensuring your hands remain as soft and smooth as ever. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring an even skin tone.

Another popular hydrator in Aveda Hand Relief is marshmallow root, which is rich in ceramide precursors. It has been used for centuries as a skin and hair conditioner and is effective in softening and protecting the skin of people with dry or sensitive skin.

Exfoliating Fruit Acids

Fruit acids are a fantastic low-maintenance exfoliation technique that helps to make your skin look brighter and more even. They can also help to reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to start with products that have a lower percentage of acids and apply them every other day before using them on your entire face. This will allow your skin to adjust to the acid and reduce any potential irritation.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are a powerful form of exfoliation that can be used on the entire body to remove dry, dead skin cells and improve your complexion. They break down the bonds that hold corneocytes together, allowing them to easily shed off and reveal the newer layer of skin beneath.

This results in smooth, glowing skin that looks radiant and youthful. The resulting skin can absorb and retain moisture more efficiently, leaving your skin softer and more resilient.

Variety of products

You can find AHAs and BHAs in a variety of products, from cleansers to toners and creams. The best way to find the right product for you is to experiment with different products and see which works best for your skin type.

When applying your acid, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and make sure you are not over-exfoliating your skin, as this can cause irritation. It is also a good idea to use broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) as this will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

If you are looking for a great acid to exfoliate your skin, check out Aesthetic Science’s Fruit Acid Gel Exfoliator 7.5%. This is a reliable and effective product that contains three variant forms of alpha-hydroxy acids to give you a more thorough exfoliation experience.

It is also a great alternative to a facial peel. You can buy this exfoliator online from Aesthetic Science, which is an FDA-approved dermatologist-tested company.

You can pair this product with Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner to help brighten your complexion and plump your skin for a more youthful glow. If you need more hydration, try a nightly serum like Hand Relief to get the most benefit out of this amazing exfoliating treatment.


Antioxidants are substances that are naturally found in the foods you eat, like fresh fruits and vegetables, that help protect the body against diseases. They ward off or slow the oxidative stress that is thought to cause cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and other health issues.

Free radicals are produced in the normal course of your body’s metabolism and through exercise and exposure to environmental toxins. They are a common factor in many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers.

Oxidative stress can also be caused by genetic mutations and a variety of other factors. It’s thought that these stressors lead to cell damage, a process known as aging.

The most important source of antioxidants is whole, plant-based foods. This is because they contain a wide range of micronutrients and bioactive compounds, all working together in synergy to maximize the antioxidant’s beneficial properties.

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Essential nutrients

It’s best to rely on your diet, especially in the early years of life, to get all of your essential nutrients and antioxidants. This is why eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is so important, but you may also want to include a few extra servings of beans, nuts, and seeds.

Another great way to increase your intake of antioxidants is by adding supplements. However, it is not recommended that you take a supplemental antioxidant product if you are already on medication or under other medical conditions.

Aside from the fact that supplements don’t provide the same benefits as a healthy, balanced diet, they can lead to negative side effects and may be contraindicated in some situations. For instance, taking vitamin C after endurance training could inhibit cellular adaption, which may prevent your body from improving its ability to fight disease or improve athletic performance.

Despite the claims, there is no scientific proof that taking antioxidants can reverse aging or prevent certain diseases. Nevertheless, they can have an impact on brain and mental health, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

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