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Amazing Jasmine Fragrance Perfume for Men

The Carolina Herrera Goodgirl perfume is an original fragrance made specifically for women. The 100% original perfume boosts a woman’s femininity. It’s a fresh and sensual scent with a personal fragrance. The fragrance has an effervescent quality that lingers all day.


If you are looking for a woman’s perfume that is completely original, then Carolina Herrera Goodgirl is the right choice. This women’s perfume was created with a strong feminine scent that will boost your femininity. This scent features a special personal scent that only you can experience. With a hint of sweetness and freshness, it will bring out your inner beauty. This scent is ideal for every woman.

This women’s fragrance was launched in 2018 and is an oriental floral fragrance. The fragrance has a floral and woody base that will appeal to many women. It is a perfect choice for anyone who loves to go out and party. Its high-heel stiletto bottle adds to the artistic beauty of the bottle. It is available online from My Perfume Shop and has free shipping.


Carolina Herrera’s Tuberose perfume is a beautiful tribute to timeless elegance. Initially released in 1989, this Floral fragrance is a classic scent that will last you forever. Its creamy floral composition is buoyed by tuberose, sweet orange flower, and vanilla. The scent will make you feel energized and warm at the same time.

The perfume is a blend of Indian Tuberose and sweet, comforting vanilla. It is a blend of sensual and floral notes that is perfect for a woman with a strong personality. Indian tuberose dominates the composition but is balanced out by zesty orange blossom and delicious vanilla.


The sensual, feminine fragrance of Carolina Herrera’s good girl Precio Jasmine promises to capture the duality of the modern woman, featuring a floral wave of Sambac jasmine with deep notes of cocoa, tonka bean, and almond. The perfume is housed in a stylish black stiletto-shaped bottle and is available in 50 and 80 ml Eau de Parfum. Fragrantica’s latest trends indicate that consumers are increasingly attracted to this sensuous fragrance.

A fresh and floral scent, Good Girl is a bold combination of opulent notes that will make any woman feel beautiful and confident. It is the perfect blend of sensuality and sophistication and defies conventional perfume rules. It is a surprisingly bold blend of strong Egyptian jasmine, gourmet berries, and creamy tonka beans. If you’re looking for a new fragrance, consider combining two different scents and using expert advice to create a unique combination.

The newest addition to the Good Girl line is the Supreme line. This new line is a sweeter, floral fragrance than the original GG and has a sultry kick. The good news is that the line is now available in 120 countries! And the Good Girl line of fragrances is now complemented by a new makeup line.

Carolina Herrera Perfume

When choosing a Carolina Herrera perfume, you can look for scents with top notes of bergamot, orange blossom, rosewood, and apricot. The middle notes are honeysuckle, tuberose, and hyacinth, and the base notes include cedar, musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

212 for Men

Caroline Herrera 212 for Men is a citrus blend that is bold, creative, and inviting. This fragrance was developed in 2012 by perfumer Alberto Morillas for the house of Carolina Herrera. It celebrates street art with a spicy, citrus accent and a warm, inviting base.

Inspired by the energy and spirit of New York, 212 NYC MEN is an urban, forward-thinking fragrance for men. It features a blend of citrus and musk that is fresh and energizing. It comes in a sleek, metallic bottle with a magnetic closure.

212 for Men by Carolina Herrera is an enticing and warm fragrance inspired by New York. The scent contains notes of ginger, citrus leaves, musk, and sandalwood. It is best suited for a man who is spontaneous and sophisticated but still wants a warm scent.

The fragrance has a spicy, citrus aroma with notes of ginger and green pepper. A base of sage and violet completes this upscale fragrance for men. The scent was developed by perfumers Alberto Morillas, Ann Gottlieb, and Rosendo Mateu. The fragrance is best applied from pulse points on the neck, behind the ears, and wrists.

Good Girl

The Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance is an elegant, seductive floral. Its calming aroma evokes the lush landscape of a hillside. Its rich scent lingers on the skin for hours. It helps you exude confidence and feminine energy. You will notice that people take notice of you.

This fragrance is inspired by the Cinderella fairytale and is a tribute to inner beauty and kindness. The fragrance is alluring and mysterious, but at the same time, it has an incredibly feminine quality. Its aroma evokes feelings of jasmine and tuberose. It also evokes images of red lips and a smile.

The fragrance is a blend of tonka bean, coffee, and white flowers. It’s perfect for day or night. Its uplifting energy is balanced with a refined and effortlessly sophisticated aura. It’s a good choice for the office or at the ball. The scent is moderately long-lasting and lingers on the skin for up to 4 hours.

Velvet Fatale

This women’s perfume by Carolina Herrera is 100% original. Boosts your femininity and has an unforgettable personal scent. This is a perfect fragrance for all seasons. Has a sensual, spicy, nutty, woodsy, and amber scent. This women’s fragrance is a must-have for every woman’s closet.

The fragrance is an amber floral. Its opening notes are almond and coffee, while the middle notes are a blend of jasmine, tuberose, Bulgarian rose, and tuberose. The fragrance is described as a sensual scent with a hint of seduction. It is best for women who are looking to make a bold, sexy statement.

Good Girl Velvet Fatale is available in a limited edition bottle that looks like a red velvet shoe. The red bottle and red flacon add a sultry ambiance. The scent is meant to be a seductive weapon.

CH Men

This masculine scent is reminiscent of a box of cigarettes. It has the mildly sweet synthetic aroma of a standard pack of cigarettes and is warm and woody. This masculine fragrance also includes notes of tobacco and cumin. It has a base of leather, moss, sugar, and amber. This is a great scent for men who enjoy an active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

Carolina Herrera perfume for men features a strong and aromatic fragrance. It combines musky, citrus, and herbal accords for a deep, woody finish. It is an all-around manly scent that is perfect for everyday wear, as well as a gift for a man on his special day.

Carolina Herrera perfume for men was released in 1991 and has been a huge hit since its launch. The fragrance has a global presence and wide distribution. Its original version was a tobacco-based fragrance that also had top notes of citrus, geranium, and sandalwood.

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